Selected Publications

Ballweg S, Ernst R
Control of membrane fluidity: The OLE pathway in focus
Biological Chemistry (2017) 398, 215-228.

Ernst R*, Ejsing CS*, Antonny B *corresponding authors
Homeoviscous adaptation and the regulation of membrane lipids
Journal of Molecular Biology (2016) 428, 4776-4791.

Covino R*, Ballweg S*, Stordeur C*, Michaelis JB, Puth K, Wernig F, Bahrami A, Ernst AM, Hummer G, Ernst R. *equal contribution
A eukaryotic sensor for membrane lipid saturation.
Molecular Cell (2016) 63, 49-59.

Puth K, Hofbauer HF, Sáenz JP, Ernst R.
Homeostatic control of biological membranes by dedicated lipid and membrane sensors.
Biological Chemistry (2015) 396, 1043-1058.

Stordeur C, Puth K, Saenz JP, Ernst R.
Crosstalk of lipid and protein homeostasis to maintain membrane function.

Biological Chemistry (2013) 395, 313-326.

Surma MA, Klose C, Peng D, Shales M, Mrejen C, Stefanko A, Braberg H, Gordon DE, Vorkel D, Ejsing CS, Farese RF Jr, Simons K, Krogan NJ, Ernst R.
A lipid E-MAP identifies Ubx2 as a critical regulator of lipid saturation and lipid bilayer stress.
Molecular Cell (2013) 51, 519-530.

Ernst R, Claessen JH, Mueller B, Sanyal S, Spooner E, van der Veen AG, Kirak O, Schlieker CD, Weihofen WA, Ploegh HL.
Enzymatic blockade of the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway.
PLoS Biology (2011) 8(3):e1000605.
Featured as Editors' Choice in Science, Issue 1st of April 2011 "A less toxic treatment"

Ernst R, Kueppers P, Stindt J, Kuchler K, Schmitt L.
Multidrug efflux pumps: Substrate selection in ATP-binding cassette multidrug efflux pumps - first come, first served?
FEBS Journal (2010) 277, 540-549.

Ernst R, Mueller B, Ploegh HL, Schlieker C.
The otubain YOD1 is a deubiquitinating enzyme that associates with p97 to facilitate protein dislocation from the ER.
Molecular Cell (2009) 36, 28-38.

Ernst R, Kueppers P, Klein CM, Schwarzmueller T, Kuchler K, Schmitt L.
A mutation of the H-loop selectively affects rhodamine transport by the yeast multidrug ABC transporter Pdr5.
PNAS (2008) 105, 5069-5074.