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Prof. Robert Ernst  

Professor for Molecular Biology

University of Saarland
School of Medicine

Institute of Biochemistry
Kirrberger Strasse
Building 61.4
66421 Homburg (Saar)

AK Ernst
++49 6841 16 47875




19.5.2017: Harry wins poster price at the 13th Yeast Lipid Conference in Paris. The conference lipid scientists from around the globe. Harry is a fellow of the Austrian Science Fund FWF and is working on the specificity of protein-lipid and protein-membrane interactions. Great stuff, Harry!

10.5.2017: Check out our new lab in Homburg. A photo of our new lab space can be seen in the Campus journal by the University of Saarland here.

15.4.2017: Robert is featured by the Journal of Cell Science as 'Cell Scientists to Watch'. Read about his motivation, path, and hobbies in the current issue of the journal here

1.4.2017: Our proposal "Design principles of living membranes" for the funding scheme "Life?" by the VW foundation has been rewarded with a research grant! It is a joint project with our dear friends Ilya Levental (UTH Houston, Texas, USA), James Sáenz (TU Dresden, GER) and Maya Schuldiner (Weizmann Institute, Tel Aviv, ISR). Fantastico! Go team, go!

Selected Publications

Ballweg S, Ernst R
Control of membrane fluidity: The OLE pathway in focus
Biological Chemistry (2017) 398, 215-228.

Ernst R*, Ejsing CS*, Antonny B *corresponding authors
Homeoviscous adaptation and the regulation of membrane lipids
Journal of Molecular Biology (2016) 428, 4776-4791.

Covino R*, Ballweg S*, Stordeur C*, Michaelis JB, Puth K, Wernig F, Bahrami A, Ernst AM, Hummer G, Ernst R. *equal contribution
A eukaryotic sensor for membrane lipid saturation.
Molecular Cell (2016) 63, 49-59.

Puth K, Hofbauer HF, Sáenz JP, Ernst R.
Homeostatic control of biological membranes by dedicated lipid and membrane sensors.
Biological Chemistry (2015) 396, 1043-1058.

Stordeur C, Puth K, Saenz JP, Ernst R.
Crosstalk of lipid and protein homeostasis to maintain membrane function.

Biological Chemistry (2013) 395, 313-326.

Surma MA, Klose C, Peng D, Shales M, Mrejen C, Stefanko A, Braberg H, Gordon DE, Vorkel D, Ejsing CS, Farese RF Jr, Simons K, Krogan NJ, Ernst R.
A lipid E-MAP identifies Ubx2 as a critical regulator of lipid saturation and lipid bilayer stress.
Molecular Cell (2013) 51, 519-530.

Ernst R, Claessen JH, Mueller B, Sanyal S, Spooner E, van der Veen AG, Kirak O, Schlieker CD, Weihofen WA, Ploegh HL.
Enzymatic blockade of the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway.
PLoS Biology (2011) 8(3):e1000605.
Featured as Editors' Choice in Science, Issue 1st of April 2011 "A less toxic treatment"

Ernst R, Kueppers P, Stindt J, Kuchler K, Schmitt L.
Multidrug efflux pumps: Substrate selection in ATP-binding cassette multidrug efflux pumps - first come, first served?
FEBS Journal (2010) 277, 540-549.

Ernst R, Mueller B, Ploegh HL, Schlieker C.
The otubain YOD1 is a deubiquitinating enzyme that associates with p97 to facilitate protein dislocation from the ER.
Molecular Cell (2009) 36, 28-38.

Ernst R, Kueppers P, Klein CM, Schwarzmueller T, Kuchler K, Schmitt L.
A mutation of the H-loop selectively affects rhodamine transport by the yeast multidrug ABC transporter Pdr5.
PNAS (2008) 105, 5069-5074.