Dr. Eric R. Geertsma
Junior Professor
Biocenter N200/1.08
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Beate Braungart
Administrative assistant
Biocenter N200/1.10
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Bachelor and Master student research projects
We have a few open research projects available for highly motivated students for the duration of six weeks up to six months. The shorter research projects will allow you to become acquinted with common techniques in a molecular biology lab such as for example, PCR, FX cloning, cell cultivation, SDS-PAGE, screening using GFP, western blotting, (membrane) protein overexpression and purification. The longer six month research projects will allow you to carry out a separate research line and more independence and creativity is expected. Here, more high-level techniques (amongst others, radioactive transport assays, protein crystallization or selection of crystallization chaperones) can be practiced.
Though we speak German, English is our prefered language for communicating as we are an international lab. A stay in our lab offers an excellent opportunity to become more experienced in communicating in English in a friendly environment.
Please send a short email (in either English or German) indicating your interests and the desired starting period to Eric Geertsma.

Collaborative Master student research project
Recent technical break-throughs in the field of single particle cryo electron microscopy now allow 3D reconstructions of protein complexes at near-atomic resolution, provided they are over ~100 kDa. This size limit excludes structure determination of many small but important protein targets. In a strong collaboration, the Geertsma (Goethe university) and Möller (MPI for Biophysics) aim to bring this practical limit closer to the theoretical size limit of 20-40 kDa using state of the art protein engineering and image processing algorithms. Interested? Contact Arne Möller or Eric Geertsma.