Research Centers

Collaborative Research Center SFB 807
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Collaborative Research Center SFB 902
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Complex Scenarios of Light Control
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European Research Council
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Fluorescence microscopes

Leica AM TIRF-MC (Epifluorescence microcope coupled to an AFM)
Zeiss LSM 510 Meta (Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope)
SynenTec NyONE Automated Multiparameter Cell Analysis

Scanning probe microscopes (AFM)

Veeco Instruments Multimode 5 with closed-loop scanner
JPK Instruments Nanowizard II

Biomolecular Interaction Analysis

GE Healthcare Biacore T200 (Surface Plasmon Resonance Biosensor)
BIO-RAD ProteOn™ XPR36 (Surface Plasmon Resonance Biosensor)
Malvern NanoSight LM10 (Nanoparticel Analysis)
NanoTemper Technologies Monolith NT.115 Pico (Microscale Thermophoresis)
Horiba Fluorolog 3 (Fluorescence Spectrometer) with Peletier Sample Cooler
Dynamic Biosensors DRX 2400 switchSENSE analyzer (Electrically switchable nanolevers)

Chemical Synthesis

CEM Liberty1 (Automated Microwave Peptide Synthesizer)
Intavis AG AutoSpot Robot (Peptide Array Syntheziser)

Cell Biology

Roche Lumi-Imager F1 (Chemiluminescence Imager)


Agilent HPLC, JASCO analytical HPLC System with autosampler, DAD detector and fraction collector JASCO preperative HPLC System with autosampler, DAD detector and fraction collector GE healthcare ÄKTA ettan, ÄKTAexplorer, ÄKTAxpress, ÄKTAprime plus, ÄKTApurifier JASCO HPLC System with UV/Vis detector coupled to a Wyatt miniDAWN™ TREOS Multi-Angle Light Scattering detector and Optilab T-rex Refractive Index detector (SEC-MALS)