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Institute of Biochemistry
Publications 2023

Barends M, Koller N, Schölz C, Durán V, Bosnjak B, Becker J, Döring M, Blees H, Förster R, Kalinke U, Tampé R
Dynamic interactome of the MHC I peptide loading complex in human dendritic cells.
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA (2023), in press

Sekulovski S, Susac L, Stelzl LS, Tampé R, Trowitzsch S
Structural basis of substrate recognition by human tRNA splicing endonuclease TSEN.
Nat Struct Mol Biol (2023), in press

Thomas C, Tampé R
Structure and mechanism of immunoreceptors: New horizons in T cell and B cell receptor biology and beyond.
Current Opinion in Structural Biology (2023)

Sánchez F, Tampé R
Ligand-independent receptor clustering modulates transmembrane signaling: a new paradigm.
Trends in Biochemical Sciences (2023)
Highlighted as Cover Story

Sagert L, Winter C, Ruppert I, Zehetmaier M, Thomas C, Tampé R
The ER folding sensor UGGT I acts on TAPBPR-chaperoned peptide-free MHC I.
BioRxiv (2023)