Institute of Biochemistry
Publications 2007          

Furrer, E. M., Ronchetti, M. F., Verrey, F., Pos, K. M. (2007)
Functional characterization of a NapA Na+/H+ antiporter from Thermus thermophilus.
FEBS Lett., 581: 572-578.

Ramadan, T., Camargo, S. M. R., Herzog, B., Bordin, M., Pos, K. M., Verrey, F. (2007)
Recycling of aromatic amino acids via TAT1 allows efflux of neutral amino acids via LAT2-4F2hc exchanger.
Pflugers Arch., 454: 507-516.

Diederichs, K.*, Pos, K. M.* (2007)
Peristaltischer Antibiotika-Transport durch ein Multidrug-Resistenzprotein.
Biospektrum 7/07]

Publications 2006

Seeger, M. A., Schiefner, A., Eicher, T., Verrey, F., Diederichs, K., Pos, K. M. (2006)
Asymmetric structure of trimeric AcrB suggests a peristaltic drug pumping mechanism.
Science 313: 1295-1298.

Ramadan, T., Camargo, S. M. R., Summa, V., Hunziker, P., Chesnov, S., Pos, K. M., Verrey, F. (2006)
Basolateral aromatic amino acid transporter TAT1 (Slc16a10) functions as an efflux pathway.
J. Cell. Physiol. 206: 771-779.

Saidijam M., Benedetti G., Ren Q., Xu Z., Hoyle C.J., Palmer S.L., Ward A., Bettaney K.E., Szakonyi G., Meuller J., Morrison S., Pos K.M., Butaye P., Walravens K., Langton K., Herbert R.B., Skurray R.A., Paulsen I.T., O'reilly J., Rutherford N.G., Brown M.H., Bill R.M., Henderson P.J. (2006)
Microbial drug efflux proteins of the major facilitator superfamily.
Curr. Drug targets 7: 793-811.

[Seeger, M. A., Schiefner, A., Eicher, T., Verrey, F., Diederichs, K., Pos, K. M. (2006)
A proton motive force driven peristaltic antibiotic pump.
ESRF Highlights 2006: 52-53]

Publications 2005

Dahinden, P., Pos, K. M., Dimroth, P. (2005)
Identification of a domain in the α-subunit of the oxaloacetate decarboxylase Na+ pump that accomplishes complex formation with the γ-subunit.
FEBS Journal 272: 846-855.

Publications 2004

Dahinden, P., Pos, K. M., Taralczak, M., Dimroth, P. (2004)
Oxaloactetate Decarboxylase of Archeoglobus fulgidus: cloning of genes and expression in Escherichia coli.
Arch. Microbiol. 182: 414-420.
Pos, K. M., Schiefner, A., Seeger, M. A., Diederichs, K. (2004)
Crystallographic analysis of AcrB.
FEBS Lett.  564(3): 333-339.
Röthlisberger, D., Pos, K. M., Plückthun, A. (2004)
An antibody library for stabilizing and crystallizing membrane proteins - selecting binders to the citrate carrier CitS.
FEBS Lett.  564(3): 340-348.

Saidijam, M., Psakis, G., Clough, J. L., Meuller, J., Suzuki, S., Hoyle, C. J., Palmer, S. L., Morrison, S. M., Pos, K. M., Essenberg, R. C., Maiden, M. C., Abu-bakr, A., Baumberg, S. G., Neyfakh, A. A., Griffith, J. K., Stark, M. J., Ward, A., O'Reilly, J., Rutherford, N. G., Phillips-Jones, M. K., Henderson, P. J. F. (2003)
Collection and characterisation of bacterial membrane proteins.
FEBS Lett. 555: 170-175.

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