Institute of Biochemistry
Publications 2015

Du, D., van Veen, H.W., Murakami, S., Pos, K. M. And Luisi, B. (2015) Structure, mechanism and cooperation of bacterial multidrug efflux transporters.
Curr. Opinion Struc. Biol. 33: 76-91

Müller R. T., Pos K. M.* (2015) The assembly and disassembly of the AcrAB-TolC three-component multidrug efflux pump.
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Klingler F. M., Wichelhaus T. A., Frank D., Cuesta-Bernal J., El-Delik J., Müller H. F., Sjuts H., Göttig S., Koenigs A., Pos K. M., Pogoryelov D., Proschak E. (2015) Approved Drugs Containing Thiols as Inhibitors of Metallo-β-lactamases: Strategy To Combat Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria.
J Med Chem. 58: 3626-3630. 

Publications 2014

Ly, K., Bartho, J. D., Eicher, T., Pos, K. M., Mitra, A. K. (2014) A novel packing arrangement of AcrB in the lipid bilayer membrane.
FEBS Lett. 558: 4776-483

Eicher, T., Seeger, M. A.., Anselmi, C., Zhou, W., Brandstätter, L., Verrey, F., Diederichs, K., Faraldo-Gómez, J. D.*, Pos, K. M.* (2014) Coupling of remote alternating-access transport mechanisms for protons and substrates in the multidrug efflux pump AcrB.
eLife 3: e03145

Cha, H., Müller, R. T., Pos, K. M.* (2014) Switch-loop flexibility affects transport of large drugs by the promiscuous AcrB multidrug efflux transporter.
Antimicrob. Agents Chemother. 58: 4767-4772

Cha, H., Pos K. M* (2014) Cooperative transport mechanism and proton-coupling in the multidrug efflux transporter complex AcrAB-TolC. Membrane Transport Mechanism – 3D structure and beyond. Ed. Krämer, R. and Ziegler, C.
Chapter 9: 207-232.

Publications 2013

Ong, Y. S., Lakatos, A., Becker-Baldus, J., Pos, K. M., Glaubitz, C. (2013) Detecting substrates bound to the secondary multidrug efflux pump EmrE by DNP enhanced solid-state NMR.
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 135: 15754-15762

Hahn, A., Stevanovic, M., Mirus, O., Lytvynenko, I., Pos, K. M., Schleiff, E. (2013) The outer membrane TolC-like channel HgdD is part of tripartite Resistance Nodulation cell Division (RND) efflux systems conferring multiple drug resistance in the cyanobacterium Anabaena sp.
J. Biol. Chem., 288: 31192-31205

Ruggerone, P., Murakami, S., Pos K.M., Vargiu A.V. (2013) RND Efflux Pumps: Structural information translated into function and inhibition mechanisms.
Curr Top Med Chem., 13:3079-3100

Du, D., Venter, H., Pos, K.M., Luisi, B.F. (2013) The Machinery and Mechanism of Multidrug Efflux in Gram-negative Bacteria.
Microbial Efflux Pumps: Current Research. Chapter 3

Publications 2012

Eicher, T., Cha, H., Seeger, M.A., Brandstätter, L., Bohnert, J.A., Kern, W.V., Verrey, F., Grütter, M. G., Diederichs, K., Pos, K. M.* (2012) 
Transport of drugs by the multidrug transporter AcrB involves an access and a deep binding pocket that are separated by a switch-loop.
Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci USA, 109: 5687-5692

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